Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WARNING: hunting pictures!

So I was introduced to a whole new world this October. Apparently we coexisist with a different species AKA Hunters. I married Landen not knowing the extent of this "hobby" but I was baptized by fire this year. He hasn't hardly gone at all since we got married almost four years ago because he has been working but with doing summer sales this year he had a lot of time to go. Really, I am not against hunting, I just don't understand it. I didn't get to go this year because we had Miyah but I am excited to experience it first hand and see what the fuss is all about. Honestly, I love hiking and being outdoors but I prefer a camera over a gun. Maybe I will change, but as for now that's where I stand. Still love you tons babe :)

Landen, however, did get to do a lot of gun carrying this year and was quite successful. Results, lots of deer pictures and jerky.
WARNING: dead animals in pictures...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rexburg Getaway... sort of

It's not a true getaway- I still have kids! We are having fun being with Wada and Grampa for a few days. Wada needed some help with cleaning and I wanted to get away from so called "Zion" for a few days... :) I like it here. There are people to converse with. Walker is just learning to be a conversationalist- he asks a lot of questions and observes so much. He is growing up so fast. This is the first hunting season where Landen has been gone a lot and Walker now wants a gun for Christmas. He saw Landen's deer and asked, "did he go to Heavenly Father?" It was so cute.

He wanted to be spiderman for halloween- what two year old doesn't? So we went to Walgreens and he put the costume on right there in the store and wouldn't take it off. IT was so cute. I loved it. He has it on again today and shoots webs at people and tries to climb walls. It is the cutest thing in the world. I don't know what we are going to do for Miyah. She is so cute without a costume- plus she is just going to be all wrapped up anyway. On the other hand, the little tiny costumes are so cute!!

A dios from Idaho..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great Inspiration to Act TODAY!

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The Greatest Words

Some poeple say the most life changing words a mother can hear from her child are "I love you." I contend that the 5 greatest, most life changing words moms hear from kids are : I pooped in the potty!

Wait to go Walker!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Party in the USA

So I might be twelve, but I love Miley Cyrus new song. I just put it on my running playlist! I can't wait. Tonight is going to be my first official running night- got the ok from the doctor yesterday at my six week check up. I have never been so excited to go running in my life!!

anyone have good running music you would like to share with me?

p.s. Translated the chinese morris code! I now have nine songs on my ipod- eight of which work and one i can't figure out why but it is not playing. But I love it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Dessert Ever!

ingredients: one bunch of fairly ripe bananas, fruit fresh

one of those things you make popsicles in

directions: mash up bananas in bowl until smooth (I used a hand mixer to make it really smooth). pour into popsicle maker. wait over night. Enjoy!

Healthy alternative to ice cream and sugary popsicles. And it tastes so good!

Taking on Photoshop

elements 8. i am using the free trial. It has been fun so far but i think I need to take a photography class to really even scrape the surface of what can be done with the program. I have learned some pretty cool things so far. Will post some pictures soon.

still no luck with the chinese morris code.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Went on a walk..ipod illiterate

Walker and I succeeded in going on a short walk today. He stayed in the stroller til the last 100 yards- that is an accomplishment! We just walked around our neighborhood but it felt so good to actually breathe hard!

On another note, I am trying to figure out this little tiny ipod landen won over the summer. I thought I knew something about electronics but aparently I am electronically illiterate. The button blinks in chinese morris code and that is the only mode of instruction. I think I will figure it out.. eventually.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Made Cookies Today... that's about it.

Sometimes I wonder what my life is amounting to. At least they tasted really good- and were completely fat free! Minus the pound of butter and cup of shortening (and chocolate chips- but at this point who's counting!).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's me!

Well, a month after having a baby, I am still alive! It has been so great so far. Miyah is a great baby. She is just so perfect and sweet. We have been so blessed with her so far. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous because walker was a really hard when he was first born. He was sick the night we brought him home and cried the whole night- so did I. He had trouble latching on and didn't ever really eat very well. Suffice it to say, it was a rough first few months. I wouldn't trade it for anything because the last two and half years have been the greatest and he is such a joy- and that is really the only word that works for him is joy- to have. Anyway, Miyah just hasn't had any complications. She eats well, sleeps well, and is just, well, great! :)
I am trying to get everything figured out on paying for Miyah now- that's the fun part. And can I just say that I am so glad that we live in a free country with options and choices in health care! We just got our new premium after adding miyah and it's almost $600- a month!! We are changing to a high deductible health plan with an HSA this month and i can't wait. I am glad we have health insurance but also glad that i can control it- sort of. Let's not get into that though- too political.

Life is good- and i am extremely blessed. Thanks for all of our friends and family for dinners and gifts and also for all the well wishing we have received.
Love you all.