Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Blue Walls- the best parents and brother ever

I have the best parents and brother anyone could ask for. I asked them if they would come help me paint my house when I got home and lo and behold they had it done for me. I never lifted a paint brush. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!! and the color looks great!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cute Family Photo

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Arch Collage

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The Arch

We decided today to take Walker to see the arch. It was a beautiful day. The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. The last week and a half it has been between 65-80everyday. I am an extremely amateur photographer but i think I took some pretty good shots of the arch. Landen and Walker ran up the steps and played for a few minutes while I stayed by the car. Some guy took a picture for us when they came down and it actually turned out pretty good too. Its so huge you can barely see it in some of the pictures but it is still an awesome sight. We were not going to go see it because we have seen it before but we were glad we went. Walker thought it was the coolest thing ever- plus we went to Costco after and got some frozen yogurt, which he also loved.

Also, I am still reading The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood and it is seriously changing my life so much. We are really working hard to be healthier in every aspect of life, physically, mentally spiritually emotionally and especially nutritionally. I don't think we realize the truth to the statement, "you are what you eat." The book mentions this (much more eloquently but i will try) our cells are reproducing at an extremely rapid rate, and what is it that these new cells are made of?? What we are fueling our bodies with. So if you eat fries and a shake and a big mac- you are literally a walking value meal. Just something to ponder.
We are trying really hard to eat healthier meals and snacks, but the convenience of the microwave is really hard to escape! If anyone has any good healthy recipes, share them with me please!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Of all the.... and some new pics

So I am leaving next week and Landen's office decided this week would be a good time to go and stay two hours away for the week! I am so bummed! I am going to go stay friday night and ride home with him but talk about bad timing. They say it is a great place to sell, so that's how I should think of it. Landen is going to sell amazingly and get to come home a few days early!

Here are some fun pictures i have taken recently. Just so you guys will look at my blog... :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going Home or Leaving it?

Walker and I are leaving St. Louis on July 28th. That's less than two weeks away! I am having some bitter sweet feelings about it. There are so many positives about being here. The number one thing is that I get to be with my best friend and husband. Going home means I will be without Landen for three weeks! That is a long time! I also have a lot of fun things to do out here. If it weren't for the high crime rate, this would be one of the most family friendly places on earth! They have a great zoo that is free if you can find a parking spot, grant's farm, also free, too many malls to name including the second biggest in the usa, I live really close to a TJ Maxx which is a good and bad thing, the library is absolutely awesome- we go every week, they have free summer movies somewhere mon- thurs every week, we live in an apartment complex with a pool, I have made a great friend in Rachel and I am sad to be leaving her, it's so green and beautiful. ALso, the ward here is so great, I have mentioned it before but I love the feeling and the people. I have learned a lot about getting involved with things and being an active participant in ward actvities etc.
Some things are not physical, but i am probably more gratful for them than the other things. We have been able to get closer to each other and to the Lord out here. For some reason, there have been less distractions or we have been sufficiently humbled, either way, this has been the best three months of our marriage! It has been fun. We see each other less than ever before, but are more in love. Landen is so great. I am so thankful that we got married- i don't know what I would do without him.

So- after that, I am so excited to go home for a lot of reasons too. I get to see my family! Julie is picking us up from the airport and we are dying to see her. walker is especially excited, but mostly to see kido! Jill and jeremy will even be coming to go to the temple with Kevin. Which is another reason I am excited to go home- Kevin is going on his mission! We are going to all be together in the temple for the first time (if I don't have my baby before the 21st!). I am going to paint my house and get the blue right this time, going home means I am only 4 weeks away from havimg Miyah ( I am just over 6 weeks right now), and I get to see all my friends in tremonton that are having babies too (and the ones that aren't).

Here is my dilemma, laid out for all of you! But I am going home, so I am mostly excited not sad. Can't wait to see everyone!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Belly Picture and the Frog

I have had a few requests for a belly picture so here is one that Walker helped Landen take a couple weeks ago.

A few nights ago Landen brought home a tiny frog for walker to see. It was so cute! Walker was so excited and had a blast watching him (or her I guess- I always think of animals as being male for some reason...) jump around on the floor. It was the tiniest frog I have ever seen! When walker realized we couldn't keep it and had to take it outside, he was devestated. He cried the whole time, even when he had let it go and was saying "goodbye froggy." I will post the videos I got when I get them uploaded on you tube, for now here is a picture of pure extasy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!

Happy fourth of July everyone! We had fun last night going to the OFallon Heritage and Freedom Festival. We didn't realize how crowded it would be so we only got to stay for about an hour but it was fun to be there. It reminded me of the fair. They had the midway rides and games which was fun to watch. Walker actually really wanted to ride some of the rides but the prices were a joke and he fell out of one last year so I don't trust them (carnival rides). Walker did ride a pony. He loved it! I thought he would need me right by him but he just rode it around and waved every couple times by. The saddle had a seatbelt sewed onto it which I thought was genius. The was also a separate part that was sponsered by a church. It had free kids games, the big blow up toys and some booths. The games had glow necklaces as the prizes and walker had a blast. Landen called at about 915 and we left to go get him. We had to walk to get to the shuttle which took us back to our car where we proceeded to get lost. Landen's car group dropped him off at a gas station (really far out of their way) and we found him eventually. We sat at the gas station and watched fire works! It was crazy but fun! There were a lot of people at the gas station watching them and about 15 minutes into it, the sprinklers turned on! It was funny but kinda sad. We didn't get home til really late.
Today, walker and I went to Ice Age 3 and he really liked it. I thought it was ok but it made me frustrated that you can't even go to a kids show without some adult humor. However, it was a lot better than the last two movies I saw. (transformers and the proposal). I loved the story and the baby mammoth was so cute!! Scrat is trying to take over the film.

Anyway, my baby dragon (as walker has taken to calling himself) is calling me to come play.
love you guys.