Friday, January 30, 2009

My Personality Results

Your Type is ENFJ
ENFJ type description by D.KeirseyENFJ Identify Your Career with Jung Career Indicator™ ENFJ Famous Personalities ENFJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss-->

ENFJ Famous Personalities


ENFJ Lifestyle Preferences
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ENFJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss
Qualitative analysis of your type formula You are:
moderately expressed extravert
distinctively expressed intuitive personality
distinctively expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed judging personality
I think it sounds like me- sometimes.

Rexburg Advent

Yesterday was a great day spent in good ole' Rexburg. We started out sleeping in til the late hour of 8. Jake and Walker then chased each other around for a little while Jax and I tried to get somewhat presentable to take them up to the college... so they could chase each other. They had a blast because it was community hour up at the field house (a big room with a track and basketball hoops) and there were quite a few kids up there running around too. In the car on the way home, Walker kept saying sa-wich sa wich! So we went home and ate peanut butter sandwiches and eventually got the two boys to take a nap. Jax fell asleep with Jake and I was going to get in the shower but Kevin got home and we started a game of Electronic Monopoly. It is a lot more fun than old monopoly because you don't have to deal with the money- its all electronic transfers! So I always lose and this time was no different. I just get tired of playing so when I lose all my money I don't mortgage back properties and stuff- it's too complicated. Anyway, dad and Kevin ended up playing forever and had to call it a draw. I finally caved and showered- because everyone told me I was starting to stink up the house (not really but I am sure they were thinking it). We got a babysitter for the game because at Marsh Valley it was a disaster. Jake and Walker were just fine- they didn't even notice we were gone. When we got to the game, Misty showed up with her kids! It was fun to be able to enjoy the game, but it was a pretty stupid one. No one even wanted to be there. Kevin's team won by thirty or something and they didn't even care. It was almost boring except for the fact that we were watching our little brother. After the game we came home and made sure the boys were ok and gave them a bath then left them with Wada and went to millhollow for a frozen yogurt- the best ever! When we got back i went to put walker down for the night and fell asleep with him- i think it is the earliest I have ever gone to bed at my house! Everyone else stayed awake and watched Express and loved it.

Overall it was a full and fun day. I love being here because there is always something to do or someone to talk to. Walker had a blast too being with his cousins. We are going to have a blast today too. Tomorrow is the snowfest festival and they have a twenty foot hill built up at smith park to sled on. It is going to be fun!

I know its boring but I don't have my camera so no pictures. Maybe jax will take some.

I will post again later today on something more fun for everyone else- cuz I missed yesterday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Magic Cure

So i have been feeling kinda down the last little while. Just shut in I suppose with it being winter and Walker has been sick. I have been wondering what to do and feeling quite, unpurposed (if that's a word- well even if its not I guess Ü).
So, to fight off these feelings, I have started working out again. WOW! It has made all the difference. I feel like a new person, ready to take on the world. Shower and get ready and take care of walker like it IS the important thing that it really is. Working out is amazing- i don't know why it is so hard to get myself out of bed to do it in the morning, when I know how I feel afterwards. I have the most amazing husband too because he has been working out with me! Thanks to courtney and jay stocking we have P90X again and he doesn't feel like he needs to put leggings and a leotard to do the workouts. They are very, um, manly. Pullup and pushups and hard stuff like that.

If anyone has felt down, just pop in a great workout video and see how much better you feel after!

Also, I am headed to Marsh Valley (it's a high school off the freeway- in the middle of nowhere with no houses around it, i don't know where the kids come from to go there) tonight with my sister Jax. We are going to watch Kevin play against one of the best teams in the state. I love watching him play- I know it seems like I go a lot but I have only been to 3 games! I can't wait to watch him- he's so good! I take all the credit for that too...

p.s. If you want a good spiritual note, check out Jill's blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok- So I have an almost 2 year old son and I think he is starting to get really bored with winter! I don't know what to do with him to help him have fun. Today we are going to try playdough- which should be interesting and entertaining (I hope!). He loves watching movies- but I hate just sitting him in front of the TV and letting his brains fry. He also likes to color but after about an hour of coloring he is done and then we are out of fun things to do for the day.

I just need some creative ideas of fun things to do at home or if anyone has any good spots to visit any where from Tremonton (Kings???) to Salt Lake. Thanks for your help everyone!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Bro-

Kevin turned 19 yesterday and Jill wrote a moving tribute~ I loved it so here is one of my own. Not as eloquent as hers- but still a tribute.

19 years ago my little brother was born. I was only six but I too remember walking out of good old Adams elementary. I think I was wearing my purple puffy coat. I remember looking at mom laying the hospital thinking I don't ever want to do that. Everyone was so excited though because Dad FINALLY got his boy.

Kevin had no chance of being a "normal" boy with four older sisters. His favorite song when he was about 5 was Shania Twain's "Man, I feel like a woman!" Along with the Lion King soundtrack- especially I just can't wait to be king. We couldn't get all the boy out of him though because he definitely had a TON of energy and loved to fight! He would be in the tub and we would say do tough guy and he would grit his teeth and put his arms up and flex them. It was so cute! He had the chubbiest cheeks with bright blue eyes and blonde hair.

He always wanted to come and play with me and my friends- which I hated at first but then really started to like him coming along. I had watched my older sisters protect me and lift me up and I felt like I could do that for Kev. I especially loved it when he came and played basketball at the college with me and everyone thought he was to little to play so I said he could be on my team and then he showed them up (and still does).

I have always been proud of him as my little brother but I am more so now than ever before. As basketball player, he has become better than I ever imagined him being, but more importantly, I am proud of the person he has become. Landen said just a few days ago, "wow kevin has really grown up!" I completely agree (well, except for when he tries to tackle me, then I realize he is still just a little kid). I am excited for him to go on his mission and show the world the gospel. He will be great wherever he goes.

I know I haven't always taught him the right things by my example, but I hope he knows how much I love him and how proud I am of him. I know he will make the right choices in his life because he has learned the right principles.

Love you Kev.

ps. The playlist is Kev's. I had papercut on there but couldn't justify it... the whole good example thing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


We are going to bed early so I am just posting a good night!


Friday, January 23, 2009

My baby boy.

He looks so good in a cowboy hat- this is at his friend Easton's house. He put it on and left it on for probably five minutes just playing with toys.

Daddy and Walker trying to catch the fish! It didn't turn out to be the most successful method until walker started hitting the fish and they would sort of pop out!

The Male version of Hannah Montana. He is almost as cute of a girl as his daddy! (see halloween post)

He loves the snow. He would go out in his diaper if we would let him. He says everyday "glovies, boots outside!"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Temple Pics, Walker and Random Thoughts

Landen and Walker

Landen and Walker

Landen and Walker

The whole group on the busride.
I can have favorites! This was a fun trip. Jax has some really good pictures from the visit on her blog too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rebuke- and Realization.

Well, I guess I do have some friends. The pity party is officially over. Also, I realized that I too read and do not comment on several blogs. Sorry everyone! I will try to be better at commenting though. It is so fun to hear from people!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's the point?

So I am doing this blogging because I felt compelled to share with my family and friends. But what's the point if no one is reading??

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Thanks to him for all he did.

p.s. how does the grocery smarts work? Do you have to build up a stash of coupons or does it work right away? I have the utah code and was looking at the website and it seems like you have to have coupons from the last six months- true or not?

Sunday post on Monday

Sunday was a great day! Church was great- at least for the boys. Walker was sick last week and I think I got his sickness. I wasn't feeling well at all, like the flu I think so I stayed home and slept. Landen went home teaching after church and walker and I stayed home and played. We have 1:00 church so he didn't get a nap and was rediculously tired. He just sat there on my lap and watched A Cheetah Story from National Geographic. It was a relaxing fun day (minus the flu part)!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go Diggers + My 007 Husband

We just watched Kevin's game online and it was awesome! It was such a close game. Kevin went out in the first quarter because he had two fouls (this is becoming way too common of an occurance) and didn't go back in until the second half. He was amazing and helped lead his team to a tight 4 point victory. He made a foul shot to put them up by two instead of one with 12.7 seconds left and then got the steal so Jordan could go up and get fouled and put the lead to 4. The refs were terrible and somehow at the end of the game they called a foul on brennan as kevin was passing him the ball! It made absolutely no sense. Everyone was going nuts on the guy and he was just shrugging his shoulders like "yeah I know I'm an idiot." They won anyway and it was really a fun game to watch.

Also, Landen went to a class today to get a concealed weapons permit. It lasted all day and he came home and said the instructor was totally crude the whole time and it drug on and on and on. He has to do more stuff to get it but he is on his way to being a bona fide 007. Ü

The broker is good- i think it will turn out as Jax suspected (me staying up all night to finish it after 300 pages of build up).

night everyone.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Broker

Hey everyone. Today is a late blog so it won't be quite so long. Today was a great day! We went to the library for our date and then came home and ate pasta and some gross breadsticks. I tried to use biscuit dough and they tasted like *shocker* biscuits- which i hate. Landen left to an appointment at seven and walker and I hung out. He stayed in the bath forever while I took advantage of the time and read for a few minutes. I started another book (I know- i have started a lot of books lately). My little brother gave it to me and told me to read it a while ago. I don't know where he got it but it is good so far. I am about one hundred pages in and it's not really intense so I can't explain the draw but I can't put it down.

It's called The Broker by John Grisham. Anyone read it?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just girls.

yesterday I went to my sister's house and hung out with her, my other sister and my mom. I wish Jill could have been there too! But, it was really fun to just be together and talk. We tried to watch a movie but it took us like four hours because we kept getting interrupted and then forgot to go back to it (this is so out of character for me because I usually hate to interrupt movies). I really admire Jaclyn and Misty, they are amazing mothers. I don't know how they do it! I miss Jill a lot- especially when we get together (my sister who lives in Washington DC). I hope I can come see you soon!

Walker got to stay home with daddy and gramma julie. Landen had some appointments to go to so he took walker to his mom's for part of the night. He loves going to her house though so he had a good time.

He has started doing the cutest thing ever. He will walk up to me in the middle of the day when we have been together all day and say "I miss you mommy" and just give me a big hug and then respond to himself saying, "I miss you too." And then he just walks off to play. It is sooooo cute!

He is growing up so fast it is crazy. I love him so much.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Parenting with Love and Logic

Ok- so I promised a little book review and here it is. The book is an updated version of the older love and logic books but still teaches the same things. I think it is the same book with added tips and sections to include some of todays struggles like internet pornography and the like. So far (36 pages in) the book has discussed some different parenting styles: helicopter, drill sargeant, lassez faire and consultant. The first three are unsuccessful types and the last is the love and logic style. I am a helicopter parent. It is really hard for me to watch walker hurt of struggle. I don't let him learn anything because I take his learning opportunities away from him by bailing him out. I really like the points they bring up about this type of parenting.

The consultant parent is one who gives their children choices, following up with reasonable circumstances. Somtimes, the best way children learn is by letting them fail. Like when they forget a homework assignment you reminded them to get ten times- let them suffer the consequences so they learn NOT to forget the assignment again.

I love the idea of giving kids choices- actually doing it is another thing. It is hard up front to watch kids struggle when you can step in and solve everything right away. If they don't learn when they are young though, they will learn later and the consequences are much steeper. For example, in the book it tells of a mother who lets her kids take out loans. She handles the loans just as if she were the bank, teaching her kids about the financial world. Promissory notes, collaterol and repossession- the whole deal. The story says she had to repo a $79 stereo from her 12year old son and was getting some flack for doing it. She responded," the neighbor boy had his 4900 dollar camaro repossessed this fall because he never learned the lesson my 12 year old just did. My boy is 12 years ahead and only lost a 79 dollar cd player."

Something to really think about.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Amazing Power of.... Dawn and hot water.

Ok. So my mother in law has always cleaned with hot water and dawn dish soap. I come from a "strait ammonia mixed with whatever else was in the bottle" family. Today I was cleaning off my glass computer desk and it was a streaky mess. I just bought some dawn so I decided to try it out and it was perfectly spotless! It was amazing. Thus I proceeded to wipe down the rest of my house with dawn and hot water. It smells great and looks so good! Anyone have and suggestions on a good mop? I have an okay one but it doesn't really scrub that great. I use mostly elbow grease to get out spots that are stubborn- but I just want a good mop. Thanks. If you haven't checked out Jaclyn's blog with Jake playing the drums, you have got to see this kid jam. He's a pro!


p.s. I started the book Parenting with Love and Logic. I am just getting into it but I will let you know how it goes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Timpanogos Temple

I love the Timpanogos Temple. We went there for a wedding in december and I snapped this picture before we left. It was so fun! I want to learn more about the temple. Does anyone have any good books they have read?? I love that they theme the temple and the art usually has some depiction of the area. They told us that at the open house in Rexburg. It was really neat. Any other interesting facts?


p.s. I went to the library today- tremonton's library is tiny but there are always gems if you search. Walker wanted a book on monster trucks and we found one that is really old but fun for him. I have started him on a schedule during the day. It has been quite interesting- mostly because i haven't stuck to it at all. Just kidding. I have tried but things keep getting switched around and jumbled. He is taking naps regularly- except for Sundays because we have one oclock church. AHH! Anyways, that's what my day was like today.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

3 years. (and three months now)

Jan 11 is not our anniversary. It was november 11. but it was so cute that I wanted to write a little bit about what landen did for me.
He surprised me and took me away for the night. He arranged a baby sitter and everything. He took me to the bed and breakfast we stayed at on our wedding night where all the rooms are themed. He picked the same room we stayed in that night. It was so cute! And as if that wasn't enough, when we got there he pulled out one of my old formals and his nice suit and we went to dinner at a nice restaurant (nice for us tremonton folk = olive garden). It was so fun. I loved getting dressed up! Then we went back to the hotel and just relaxed the rest of the night! I loved it. He was so cute and sweet.
I have the best husband in the world!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Join the Resolution.

I have loved reading my sisters blog everyday- she is so creative and (to steal Jaclyn's word) insightful. Though I am not nearly as inspired as she is, I will do my best to join the resolution. It sounds like a fun journey Ü. So today is my proclamation day. And as a shout out to my sisters (and Kevin if he EVER gets on and checks our blogs) I have posted some music I think they will enjoy.

Carpe Diem ~