Sunday, April 18, 2010

Louisville KY!!

Can I just say that I love the south! It is so beautiful here. It's like walking into an old movie. The grass is so lush, and deep forest green. It has to be to match the deep drawls in every voice; not larry the cable guy drawl like I thought it would be, but southern belle and true gentleman drawls. Everything flows together- even the air feels "southern" and the wind elegant. The roads feel like tunnels with the massive trees gravitating to one another from either shoulder.Even the cars move slower than they do at home (not surprising because everyone in utah thinks 65 means at least 75 if not 80). The only thing not slow is friendship. Everyone, everywhere is your best friend within minutes of meeting. Our ward was AWESOME! I loved it today. The building is only 5 minutes away and in the same parking lot (basically) as the temple.

We are having a few apartment issues- and that has been the only drawback. Apparently they forgot that this apartment was already leased. The current tenants? A HUGE family of spiders that likes to smoke. The smoke smell is old, so I don't know if it was just that they tried to paint over the smell instead of cleaning the walls first or what but it hits you hard in the face right when you walk in. After a while your nose gets used to it, but your head doesn't. I get a headache after about 30 minutes. Lame, huh. Things are looking up though as we are probably going somewhere else tomorrow or tuesday.

more later!'love from louisville (loo'bul)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Swissed out and heading to Louisville

I spent the weekend with my mom and sisters at a swiss themed resort. It was really fun. I absolutely love being with my mom and sisters. We can just laugh and talk about anything. My sister wrote a great blog post about the experiences we had, including a short commentary on my intelligent use of the words cherryokeys and invention of a country: hungaria. It sounds right when you say it doesn't it? Anyway, it was such a blast and thanks to my hubby who kept the kids one night and my great mother in law who kept them the second night. Everyone need some girl time.

On another note, I am having way more mixed feelings about leaving tremonton this year. I am excited but with two kids and a whole lot more stuff to take, I am trepidatious. I really love going somewhere new- its such an adventure. It's funny the things that i recall being the most exciting: going to the grocery store, figuring out the freeway system, going to the pool at the apartment ten times a week (yes that is more than once a day), church- the ward in stl was amazing. Those are just a few things that I am excited about. I will try to post a blog at least twice a week. With pictures! I will kee updating as we get ready to go. We leave april 14 (wednesday in a week and a half). Truth be told, I haven't even started packing. How do you even begin packing for a four almost five month adventure with two kids and a trunk to pack it all in??? ( we are thinking about a trailer, its a huge possibility).