Thursday, March 26, 2009


ITS A GIRL!!! Miyah Ja(y)ne Lish

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Landen and I are trying to rent our house. If you know anyone who is in a situation where they would like to rent (ie. living with parents, renting a small apartment, building a home etc) PLEASE tell them to call us or let us know and we will call them. Here is our ad from KSL.

We are looking for a trustworthy family or person to rent our home for 4-6 months ASAP. The price is negotiable- depending on what services we can trade. ex.The lawn needs to be mowed and watered (sprinkler system) weekly, house kept and cleaned, we have a dog that will need to be taken care of- fed and watered and let out to run around. He is an outside dog so he doesn't get to come in the house, ever. He has a kennel and dog house in the back. The house is furnished with couches, table, king size master bed, queen size guest bed and room with a crib. Can be moved if needed. Built in 2003, the home is new and in great condition. Fiber optic internet connection included. Big fenced backyard with swing set and grill. We are willing to negotiate the price depending on several factors. Call Landen 435 452 2808 for details and questions.

IT's a ...

We found out today what we are having! Who can guess? If you know... don't say so!! Good Luck!

Monday, March 23, 2009

For Jill.

(Jax is on the right, me in the middle, Misty on the left) Jax is the furthest along- she is due in May. Misty is next and due in June. I am last and not due until august. Our sister Jill lives in Washington DC and really wanted a picture of all three of us- here we are!! Love you jill. Wish I was coming with mom and dad to see you. :( Hopefully I will get another chance sometime soon!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walker's Birthday- 2 years!!

I just can't believe how big my little baby boy is getting! He is so grown up and wants to be independent (until he gets an owie and needs me to kiss it better). The last month has been so much fun. He has started to throw more fits, which has been a challenge, but he has also started to understand things and talk ALOT. I love his little voice, especially when he is saying I love you mommy and thank you. He is the sweetest little boy in the world and I love him more than anything! It's a love you can't even explain- my parents tried to tell me that, everyone talked about it but i never understood it until I had my own son. Wow- it brings me to tears just thinking about it. The closest thing I can think of is the love of a sibling. There are so many things that he means to me, he is a clone of my husband which means I am never without him, he is my best friend and playmate, my comfort when I am sad, my pride and joy whenever he does anything at all, and everything else you can think of. I am so excited for him to be a big brother and show our new baby just how to act! most of the time...
Happy Birthday walker i love you so much!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny Walker Moments

He put these on and couldn't walk at first but got the hang of it really quick! He loves to wear mommy's boots now...

Ready to go outside!

Wearing mommy's pretties

He loves eating cookies and when we got this one from Grama Julie for V-day he was on cloud nine. He thought it was so cool to have a huge cookie. He had climbed on the counter and got it off and put it on the floor so he could eat it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

State Tournament. The Important Things

This last weekend Landen, Walker and I went with Wada and Grampa to watch Kevin in the state basketball tournament. It was a great "vacation" if you will. I love watching kevin play- he is so good at what he does.

The first game was ok- for some reason it was really hard for the diggers (kevin's team- we are from Idaho, so diggers seemed like a great mascot) to get going. Kevin was amazing- everyone said they had never seen someone play defense like that. He also had some assists and steals and three pointers. They had a rough night shooting-7% from outside the key- yes seven. He was all over the place. The game went into overtime but in the end they came out on top.

The second game was a lot of the same. Probably closer to 5% but that one I don't know for sure. No one could buy a bucket and the other team couldn't miss if they tried- I think they even tipped in one of our shots on a rebound. Again, Kevin played a great defensive game and had a sweet three point shot to bring them within one at the end of the game. It was hard to watch them struggle and not be able to do anything about it. They ended up losing by 8 or 9 with having to foul at the end. To make the loss worse, there was a guy sitting behind us from the other team who had an extremely foul mouth and several guys asked him to stop talking like that with all the children around. There were probably 10 kids under the age of 8 sitting with us. He laughed and said he could do whatever he wanted and repeated the explatives. So, suffice it to say we ended up with a police escort out of the game, and so did he. We meaning the people that were with us- it really wasn't just dad this time. No punches were thrown or anything like that but it was pretty stupid anyway. The guy was such a jerk. But- back to the game- we lost and everyone was heartbroken.

The third game was much better. I think they played better in this game than in any other game during the tournament. Still, they never could get rolling like they had during the district tournament. They got down by as many as ten points but never quit fighting and won the game. Kevin played really well again and had some threes and great defensive plays. They won the third place trophy which is a huge accomplishment considering it has been 9 years since the school has even been able to go to the state tournament.

All in all, we had a great time. Misty came with her kids on friday and watched the game. Walker can't quit talking about swimming at the hotel. I just loved to be there and cheer on kev. Having Landen there made it complete. He is such a sweet husband to support my family the way he does, it means a lot to me to be there as much as I can and when he comes it is that much better.

So, despite that horrible heartbreaking feeling of knowing you can win and losing instead, it was a great tournament. I know that feeling goes away after a while because I don't even remember what happened at the state tournaments that I played in. I remember we lost but that's it. It might take a while but eventually we find out what the really important things in life are.