Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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love ya.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vulnerabililty in Verse

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New phone

Hey everyone. If you don't get on facebook- which I don't blame you if you don't- jus thought I would let you know I have a new number. Text me with your name and I will add you in my contacts.

435 452 8042

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to life.. back to reality.

Short and sweet. So we will do this list style.

29 hours in a vehicle
3 kids
caffiene pills
Back to Utah
Landen still gone
Missing him
pain- in so many ways
joy- in so many ways
Rexburg for a month
GREAT times with Grandparents
Miyah 1 (Aug 29)
Walker 14 (haha)
Missing Landen
Sno shack
Egg whites with salsa
Late night walks
Not cooking dinner (yes!)
Best parents ever
Starry skies
Clear air
Miyah walking/crashing
Walker watching movies
Walker starting preschool Sept.
Landen starting school now

Consider yourselves updated.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Help the Sullengers

So with my recent hospital visit with Miyah and having to really contemplate her Two people I went to high school with are watching their one year old daughter fight for her life at primary children's hospital. She fell into a canal over the weekend and has miraculously made it this far. Her story is amazing and has really touched my heart. I might not know them that well, but I know that as a mother I can't read their story without crying in joy and sorrow. If you can, please contribute to help them out at
this link
. There is also a link on the website to view periodic updates on how she is doing. Put yourself in their shoes and give what you can. Hope this helps little Preslee.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our first ER visit... and it wasn't walker.

I think we have done pretty well so far in regards to Emeregency Room visits. Especially with a curious little boy like walker! This last week, Miyah was feeling warm and had a cough, so I took her to the doctor at the instacare. They said she had a cold and to use some vicks. We went to pick up Landen's mom from the airport (she flew out from Utah for the week- thats another post) and Miyah still felt feverish. That night she was really struggling to breathe and nothing was helping her. A new children's medical center just opened right by our house and we decided to take her there. Landen got home from work at about 11 and ate some dinner and we headed to the ER. Thankfully we had some great friends who kept walker for us. Thank you Brooke and Justin!! Right when we walked in the door about four people walked right up to us and asked what was going on. Upon hearing miyah breathe they immediately got her hooked up to check her oxygen levels and they were really low. They said she had stridor arrest which means her throat was basically closed off. They did a breathing treatment with some drug that starts with a D, I can't remember what it was because I thought all breathing treatments were albuterol. They told us (me, Julie and Landen) that we would be able to go home a couple hours after the treatment. Landen and Julie went home (we live about 5 minutes from the ER) to get walker and some sleep. It was about 130 by this time. A little after they left and I was holding miyah, she seemed to start to struggle breathing again. She was asleep so I tried to move her around a little and it got worse. I called the nurse in and she called the respitory doctor. He came in and told me it was how I was holding her so I moved her around again (she was asleep) and it didn't change. He just looked at me like "hmmmmm" and said let me go get the doctor. I thought we was a doctor??! But the other doctor came in and said something I didn't understand and the whole staff came in again and they decided to give her another treatment and admit her to the hospital. It was a rebound effect from the first treatment and meant it was going to make her alot worse. She was dehydrated at this point so we had to hook her up to an IV. This is the worst part!! They couldn't get her veins in either hand because she was so dehydrated and small. The medicine that was numbing her was "blowing" her veins so they couldn't use anything to numb her. I had to hold her down and she was screaming and shaking in pain. It was by far the worst thing I have experienced. They finally got her all hooked up and she was out cold from that struggle. It was so terrible- but at least they got her hydrated. We did cool mist until the ambulance could come and take us to the hospital ( this confused me at first but the place we went was just an emergency room and medical center- not equipped like a hospital, they have an excellent children's hospital in downtown Louisville called Kosair Children's Hospital, it's like primary childrens). The ambulance ride was actually very calm and it was comforting to me. The transport team was very informative and comforting. They said she would just get better from here on out. We brought her in just in time. Her throat was almost closed off but not quite. We stayed the night (it was 530am when we got there) in the hospital and the doctors and nurses were so great. Miyah seemed to make miraculous recovery. Everyone was amazed at how fast she getting better. They all had to come in with masks and gloves and capes because she was at risk for other diseases I guess. We had signs all over the door that were caution signs. She had a little crib that both sides raised and lowered and plastic walls could be lowered from the top. It was like a little cage really! Walker came and stayed for the day with grandma julie and LOVED it. he wanted to be in there the whole time and pretend to be a puppy. It was such a relief to see miyah breathing ok. It did scare me to bring her home because her cough was so bad but she is getting better. She still has a low grade fever and a cough but she is much better. I am so thankful for the priesthood and the fact that we live so close to the ER!!! It was a scary experience but enlightening as well. Everyone was so helpful and comforting and Miyah was so brave and strong! I love that little girl.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids Private Blogs

I am going to make the blogs for my kids private. Not for any specific reason, I just feel like it is a good idea. If you want to be able to view them, comment with your email addres (unless I don't know you... then it won't matter if you leave your email address- thats creepy).

Lots of love guys!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Washington DC Visit!

We had so much fun in DC visiting my sister and bro in law. We went to the capitol building on a private tour courtesy of one of their friends the first day, which was really neat. The second day walker, wada and I went to the air and space museum and walker loved it. There were almost two hundred planes and jets and he couldn't get enough. After that, we went and saw where my sister works. Her building is beautiful and her co workers were very sweet. We got to have lunch with one of our cousins as well. Walker and I took a chance to go see the natural history museum while we had a lull in plans (and wada graciously stayed in the car with miyah and drove around because she was asleep- thank you wada!). He was mesmerized by all the animals and dinosaurs we saw! We were there for two hours and he didn't get bored at all! We rode the metro, stayed with the calderwoods, saw jill and jeremy's house- wow!

We did a lot more than I realized! We were only there for a couple days but we went for a reason. We thought we were going to be companions for grieving but my sister has hd positive test results with her invitro. It was so special to be there when she actually got to see a heartbeat!! I was ready to cry when she told us that! I am so happy for her and her husband and hope things keep going well!

From Jen, Landen, Walker and Miyah

Monday, May 10, 2010

New life. new blogs...

I love it here. I love being here with friends and making new ones. I haven't been as social as I would like to, but I am getting to know a few people in the ward and I really enjoy it. Landen is not sure how he feels- he always gets to see the worst in people. Occasionally he sees the good but when someone knocks on your door, it doesn't always bring out the best. :) It is kinda funny though because he usually comes home being best friends with one or two people he met knocking. He just has a way about him that attracts friends.

So about the title- I feel like I have a lot to offer the world; especially my family and the Lord. I need some help reaching my potential. So often I want to start some big project or read a book about parenting or learn to play the guitar or take voice lessons etc etc but I just don't do those things. I have been pondering on how I can accomplish these things when I listened to Stephanie Nielson's message about her New Life. I know that it is totally different but it inspired me to take what I have and make it what I keep envisioning it to be. I am so blessed- that is something I have definately come to realize more fully over the past few weeks. I am so thankful for my struggles and my joys.

I am going to start a blog for Walker and one for Miyah in leiu of a journal-I have been keeping journals for them once a month in writing but it is getting tedious and the entries are not what I want them to be. I am also going to blog about what I am learning; books I am reading, exercises I am doing, foods I am cooking and whatever else I see as beneficial. I want to look back at everyday and feel in heart that "it is good... it is oh, so good."

Here's to a new life.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Louisville KY!!

Can I just say that I love the south! It is so beautiful here. It's like walking into an old movie. The grass is so lush, and deep forest green. It has to be to match the deep drawls in every voice; not larry the cable guy drawl like I thought it would be, but southern belle and true gentleman drawls. Everything flows together- even the air feels "southern" and the wind elegant. The roads feel like tunnels with the massive trees gravitating to one another from either shoulder.Even the cars move slower than they do at home (not surprising because everyone in utah thinks 65 means at least 75 if not 80). The only thing not slow is friendship. Everyone, everywhere is your best friend within minutes of meeting. Our ward was AWESOME! I loved it today. The building is only 5 minutes away and in the same parking lot (basically) as the temple.

We are having a few apartment issues- and that has been the only drawback. Apparently they forgot that this apartment was already leased. The current tenants? A HUGE family of spiders that likes to smoke. The smoke smell is old, so I don't know if it was just that they tried to paint over the smell instead of cleaning the walls first or what but it hits you hard in the face right when you walk in. After a while your nose gets used to it, but your head doesn't. I get a headache after about 30 minutes. Lame, huh. Things are looking up though as we are probably going somewhere else tomorrow or tuesday.

more later!'love from louisville (loo'bul)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Swissed out and heading to Louisville

I spent the weekend with my mom and sisters at a swiss themed resort. It was really fun. I absolutely love being with my mom and sisters. We can just laugh and talk about anything. My sister wrote a great blog post about the experiences we had, including a short commentary on my intelligent use of the words cherryokeys and invention of a country: hungaria. It sounds right when you say it doesn't it? Anyway, it was such a blast and thanks to my hubby who kept the kids one night and my great mother in law who kept them the second night. Everyone need some girl time.

On another note, I am having way more mixed feelings about leaving tremonton this year. I am excited but with two kids and a whole lot more stuff to take, I am trepidatious. I really love going somewhere new- its such an adventure. It's funny the things that i recall being the most exciting: going to the grocery store, figuring out the freeway system, going to the pool at the apartment ten times a week (yes that is more than once a day), church- the ward in stl was amazing. Those are just a few things that I am excited about. I will try to post a blog at least twice a week. With pictures! I will kee updating as we get ready to go. We leave april 14 (wednesday in a week and a half). Truth be told, I haven't even started packing. How do you even begin packing for a four almost five month adventure with two kids and a trunk to pack it all in??? ( we are thinking about a trailer, its a huge possibility).

Monday, February 8, 2010


We are NOT moving to China. My sister and I used to race my mom to salt lake in separate vehicle, or when we were supposed to be meeting her somewhere and we were late, we would just speak fake chinese into the phone and she would say- hello?? china?? so that's what we started saying.

Here are some cute pics of the kids!

Friday, January 8, 2010

So, update?

Well, let's see... Christmas was great, it's 2010, and I get to see Jill and Jeremy (although under some sad circumstances) tomorrow. I have to say, I've never been so excited to see my sister. I have come to appreciate her a lot this last year. I don't know what has made the difference, but I just miss her a lot and can't wait to spend some time laughing at nothingness with her. Oh and one more thing... hello? china? :)