Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bear World!

So i think this warrants a blog...
Walker and I went to Rexburg over the last week to hang out with Wada and Grampa. Landen has been wiring his mom's new house like a madman and we haven't hardly seen him. He has been feeling kinda guilty about it so we figured we would just get out of the way for a few days. It worked! He is really close to being finished- what an amazing man I have.

Anyways, while we were in rexburg we decided to visit yellowstone's bear world (it's a wildlife park- mostly bears but elk, buffalo, ducks, wolves and some others are there too) Walker and Jake (jaclyn's son-my nephew) absolutely loved it! This first picture is of walker and Jake. Walker is signing "more" because he wants to see more animals.

This one is of the grizzly bear. He was lumbering about- I think he is doing track drills in this picture. I can't tell if it's high knees or butt kickers...

I will finish this trip later. Good night for now.

Blogging etiquette

Hey guys- so I have been really wondering, what warrants a blog?? I want to tell all of you about my everyday activities but I fear the monotony might kill a few of you off (and there are so few, I would be distraught if you were gone...). So tell me, what do you all blog about??

Also, how often is often enough? I always think I have something on the tip of my tongue to blog about and then i lose track of it by the end of the day- somewhere in the middle of my tongue I guess. But when does everyone blog? Once a week twice and hour- what's the etiquette of blogging?

Someone let me know.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

walker updates

We have had a fun few days. I had my niece come and stay overnight for her birthday. It was such a blast! I babysat the next morning so I had four kids here. It was crazy! We had fun though. We went on a picnic out at Landen's work and the kids loved that. We pretended they were my kids all day so they were calling me mom and each other brother and sister. It was really funny to me because nothing was different except if I needed them to do something I just asked them as my child and they thought it was part of the game. They were so obedient as my own children...

I just decided to decorate my house and get everything organized. I am going crazy just having piles of papers here and there and stuffed full bookshelves and closets with things I can't remember ever using! Although I hang on to them "just in case one day I might..." I am so done with that!!! My house is clean, but cluttery. There is not very much room so I think I am going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff but I am not too worried about it. I just want everything to have a place- its own little spot that it always goes! Anyways, enough about that, but wish me luck. If anyone has any ideas on organization- I would love to hear them.

Walker went to the doctor's office on monday. He has a little sinus infection. He acts fine most of the time. At first he acted pretty sick, and last night we were at Kaden's birthday party and he was miserable. Other than that he has acted pretty normal. Then there are the green boogers that are constantly running down his nose. It's just so cute... He is getting better though. His boogers are slowing down and he is taking an antibiotic for the first time and doing really well with it. I am very happy about that. So I will keep you posted on the healing process.

He has loved vacuums since he was born. I used to use a wrap i have and wrap him up all tight and vacuum to put him to sleep! He got a vacuum from wada for his birthday and loves it but loves the BIG vacuum too. It's quite an event to vacuum at our house.

Walker is learning sign language and has really started to pick up on it the last few weeks fast. He says a few words; more, please, my turn (not sure he understands what it means but it's in a song on his video) hot, want, thank you (sometimes- when he feels like it). It is really fun to watch and it definately helps us know what he wants!! He has started to jabber to himself too. It is so cute! I love listening to him try to put his jabbers together into sentences...

Well, enough for now I suppose. love you all.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Magic of Thinking Big

Hey everyone! Well, mostly, Hey all you two people that even know I have a blog!

I have been reading this book for a while now and I think I am finally starting to get it! If you havent read it, you definately should! It is a must read!

The Magic of Thinking Big - David J. Shwartz, Ph. D.

I just want to tell you about this nugget I stumbled across while reading. Make a sell yourself to yourself commercial! It is so fun and amazingly helpful.

Check the book out from the library and turn to page 142. It gives all the instructions there.

love you guys

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Wow! I am so excited about this blog! I am not sure what to say but I guess this first post is just a welcome to everyone who is going to see this. WELCOME!!

blogging is quite an interesting sport (why not? we can argue anythings a sport now a days). I have been reading some blogs and have found most very intriguing and helpful. Some are on the weird side, but hey, you try writing something everyday- I guess you probably do if you are on here. I am excited to journal our life online.

Today we had our mommy minute get together over at Amanda's house. We watched an "old" favorite- Enchanted (yes I thought about you the whole time, Jill). I love our Thursday get together's. Even if all of us aren't moms, it's a chance for the mom's to converse with another human who says something other than "da ma and ball" and a for the non mom's they get some experience with 3 or 4 one year old's. We made jewelry last week and next week we are celebrating Amanda graduting from college! This is my highlight of the week! Thanks girls.

Anyways, looking forward to more blogging...