Friday, August 5, 2011


IT'S BEEN SO LONG- but oh well. :) Here I am now making a post:

Spent the morning with the kids just hanging out at home. We made some books which are awesome. Walker's is Called "The Shark Attack." I am seriously considering sending it to a publisher.

It goes like this:

"I was surfing in the ocean. (turn page)

and then....


up came a


The shark chased me.

And I swam and swam and swam.
all the way back to shore.



up came the shark- Right in my face!

The shark jumped right out the water and bit me.

Bit my finger.

Then I rolled back into the ocean.

It was a great white shark.

That bit off my finger (that's what I meant).

So I built a sign with my dad.

With my own tools, I was a big person.

The sign said: Nobody can go surfing and not even swimming.

and: KEEP OUT!

I remember when I had that shark attack.

It Freaked the EX right out of my face.


We are headed out to see Cars 2. It looks like a cute show!

See ya tomorrow.


*(side note: I was writing this for him as he dictated. When he saw how I wrote "shark"- he said "whoa. Mom, that's way to many A's." and I told him "that's how you said it dear" and he said "oh- well I guess that's okay then, if that's how I said it- but I didn't say that many A's, did I? SHAAAAAAARK, SHAAAARK, SH-A-RR-K- is that a lot of A's?"- I thought that was funny)