Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sisters and Brothers!

I have to say that the last little while I have really been pondering at how great it is to have sisters and a brother. I don't know exactly what it is, how it happened, or when it became but there is this love for my siblings that i cannot express! It has been fun living closer to Jax and Misty because they were pretty much gone when I was old enough to know anything. I do miss Jill though- no matter what i do it just isn't as fun without her. I think I depened on my siblings growing up more than I realized- and looking back i know i did. I always had their expectations to live up to and had to be a good example to Kevin (even though I wasn't some of the time).

I wanted to post this as a thank-i-mony to them. I know I have the best siblings anyone could ask for! Misty is always there to watch a dramatic love story with me and bawl as we fold one last piece of laundry (at four in the morning!) She is a great listener as well. I remember being really young and crying because she was leaving to go to Chicago and help inner city kids. I was going to miss her so bad.I always looked up to her on the volleyball court because she was always the star in my eyes. Still is.
Jax was my roommate/ guardian in Salt Lake and I feel she has been there to bail me out so many times (ex. a ride home in the middle of the night after wrecking our car- from salt lake to tremonton). She smoothes everything over when things go wrong and usually at her expense. I remember when I was younger admiring her for her loyalty to everyone she was close to. We had some good times watching movies together at our apartment and just talking. She always helped me solve my problems without asking anything in return. She is a rock.
Jill was my second mother growing up- sometimes my first! She always stood up for me no matter what the consequences were for her. We didn't always get along, but since we started to there's been no turning back. She always let me hang out with her and her friend in high school even though I was only an awkward 8th grader. Our memories are too many to list. Running away to her apartment, yielding, snowshacks, can't leave out those screaming matches when we were young, and mostly the nights she stayed up praying and worrying for me. I felt those prayers, and still do.

Kevin has been my ballin buddy since he was old enough to carry a ball. No matter what the sport and no matter how much bigger everyone else was, he always played with me(and last time we played one on one - I won!). Now he kills everyone we play with everytime. I love passing him the ball, it's like and automatic assist. He is so good!! We have fun together no matter what we are doing. My memories of him are of being proud of things that he has done. Once he came home from a friends house because he didn't feel comfortable being there. I loved that. Late night Jamba's and starting movies at midnigh. My favorite thing is when he lets me and talks to me. He's my hero. They all are. My brother and sisters are unparalleled. I love them so much and can never tell them what they mean to me nor how much they have done for me.


P.s. I just want to add that I have some awesome inlaws. On all sides! I've got 3 new sisters and eight (wow) new brothers that all add to my life as well!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Season of Life

I made a very tough choice today. I pulled my application out of the running for head women's basketball coach at bear river high. I have really been wrestling with the choice for the last few weeks and I have come to the conclusion that I have known all along I am not supposed to do it. I had prayed and fasted for an answer (actually I prayed and fasted for a YES answer- the answer I wanted) and didn't feel that I had recieved one.
I kept shrugging off the feeling that i wasn't supposed to do it but it loomed over my head and i couldn't shake it no matter how hard I tried. With an interview scheduled for Wednesday, I knew it couldn't wait any longer so yesterday we drove over to the AD's house and told him about how I felt. He was amazing about it! Coach Van Park (who is also the head men's basketball coach)said that i had to follow those feelings and that I would get another chance later in life. It was like someone took Jacob Marley's chains off of me! I have had a few other opportunities waiting on the back burner because I couldn't get over this opportunity to be the head coach of a (really good) varsity team. Anyways, despite being one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, it was really a testimony to me of answers to prayers and that our lives really do matter to the Lord.