Friday, June 13, 2008

Star of the West

Hey everyone! I have had a really busy week! It has been a lot of fun though. I finally took some of my family's advice and auditioned for a singing competition called star of the west. I decided to do it the day before the auditions so I didn't have a lot of practice time!
The competition goes like this:
1. Closed auditions with three judges
2. Judges pick the top 5 to move on the next level of competition
3. judges pick top 2 to go on to semi finals
4. Judges pick the finalists who will open for Kelly Pickler on July 24th. I think this is where they pick the winner.

1: A fully produced album consisting of at least 12 songs arranged by top studio musicians, Star of the West staff will determine what songs are to be recorded and make any and all determinations relative to the artistic nature of all aspects of such album. The winner will receive 300 CDs of the album.
2. $1,000 Cash Prize (subject to forfeiture for failure to perform or meet appearance schedules)
3. Performances will be scheduled to promote Star of the West Contest.

So it's a pretty big deal. I made it through step one and performed step two last night. I had quite the struggle picking me song because I didn't have very many choices of karaoke music (one CD of wedding songs). I chose It feels like home. It was a good song but not very entertaining- and I knew it. After listening to everyone do their mic checks (you sing half the song to make sure that the sound is good) I was really nervous because i had really never heard so many good singers in my life.

I thought I did ok. Definately not the greatest performance of my life- but it wasn't bad either. Everyone there told me they thought i did well- but they were all my family... so take that for what it's worth. I picked out a girl and a guy that did really well that i thought would win. When they told us all to come up to the front, I was really excited! The two people I chose won. I had a feeling that i wasn't going to win but it was so much fun being there and singing again. They announced after that this was the best competition they had ever had in star of the west! They want us to submit a song for the final to see if we could be chosen so sing again. So it ain't over yet!! I need some suggestions for a song to sing. Probably a faster more entertaining song would be better. But it was really fun to get back up in the saddle.

SO there is the low down on my contest. I will keep you all posted as to what they say about performing again!

Thanks so much to Landen for coming! He was so sweet and supportive. My mom and sister drove all the way to logan from salt lake to be there and Landen's mom drove her Yukon so that we could all fit. Then his sister showed up from Hyde Park (close to logan)with Irelynd to watch too!! I have the best family ever!!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bear WorldCont!

So this is the continuation of my bear world experience (two weeks later). But it was so awesome taht I still have to finish with some more pictures! If you have never been there- you should go! Find some coupons though cuz it is pricy ($17 a person- but worth it! especially if you get daddy to pay!) This one is of grampa and the two boys- we missed you Jayce!! (and liyah and gracie)

This one is really cool! I didn't know that albino elk even existed. They are extremely rare. I heard someone in the store (at bear world- not a grocery store comment) saying 1 in about every 2 million. This is a bull elk just chillin. He is growing fresh antlers (or horns as my husband would say). You can tell by the velvet. They had all dropped their antlers and were growing new ones, which meant there were some awesome sheds sitting on the grass. Ididn't take any pictures of them- should have for all my tremontonites- and the other hicks I know! (hey- don't take offense. I'm one now too...)
I think this wolf really likes bear world- maybe that's how they can solve the wolf problem- create Wolf World!! Walker really liked him too. He kept saying pu... pu.. pu... like puppy.
These bears were huge. I mean huge! It was awesome to see them up so close, lumbering about. I always wondered where that word came from but now I know there's no other word to describe what they are doing... lumbering! Walker and Jake were almost sick of the bears by now I think. We were getting close to the end and it was old hat by now. They thought it was cool to see three at the same time though.

Well- that concludes our trip to bear world! It was lots of fun and I recommend it highly!! It is in Thorton Idaho just south of Rexburg on highway 20. A few people have said they wouldn't go because "the bears can still attack the car!" There are electric wires and all sorts of stuff to keep you safe. Stop and see it next time you are in the area- since everyone goes there all the time...