Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walker Vids!

Thanks for the help with posting these videos guys! Walker is so cute! Please don't mind me talking on here- just listen to his little voice. He is just like his mommy... so caught up in a movie he can't focus on someone talking to him. Ha! Here they are!

He is so cute huh!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How do you post a video??

Hey everyone! How do you post a video on here from you tube? Any help would be great.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Month Long Blogging Hiatus

Hey all you bloggers! I have taken my month hiatus from the blogging world and now i have returned. I have a few excuses but they aren't that great so I will just say I was taking a break.

Life is going great! Landen quit his job at Lewis Cabinet Specialties about two weeks ago. He was thankful for the things he learned there but felt he needed to move on.
We have been looking into a company called Financial Solutions that we have really liked. The mission statement of the company ( is right in line with what our family mission statement says. Landen started working with Bob Cosgrove, the founder, and has loved what he is doing.
It is a little different because right now because we are just on a commission based pay check but we have always known that side of it would be different. With the dreams and goals that we have, we knew eventually we would have to leave the world of a steady paycheck.
A little about what he does from the website: "Imagine paying all of your monthly bills in less than 30 seconds without a computer or the internet. All of your debts are paid off 2 to 3 times faster without using any extra money per month. No new loans are required and we don't negotiate lower settlements with your lenders. Our average client saves over $100,000 in interest and is Debt Free in 8 years." Landen just started and has already helped a lot of his clients drop anywhere from 5-25 years off their debts and saved them tens of thousands of dollars. He works with a lot of businesses and individual families. He loves what he is doing! It has been fun to watch him love his work. It even makes me excited about it because he is so happy!

Walker is growing up so fast. This last month he has really started to talk. He jabbers away but he has started to actually say a lot of words too. The best is when he says his own name. It's hard to describe it in typing but it is so cute! I will post it on here when I record it. He says big tractor a lot too. He is 19 months old and growing up too fast. He really wants a little brother or sister to play with, so mom and dad had better get to work on that. (this is not an announcement) We did just get our Aflac insurance figured out. We have a separate 5,000 dollar maternity deductible with blue cross (CRAZY!!) so we have to wait at least a year for another baby for aflac to kick in. That is the required amount of time with Aflac. Walker is so handsome and looks just like his daddy. He is very smart and has a great memory too. He is so fun and I love him so much!!

Life is a lot of fun right now. We are excited for winter and the snow and all the holidays. Hopefully we will see lots of family during the coming months!!