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Lexington KY!

April 2012- July 2012 we lived in Lexington and we have loved it! We are going to miss it and our wonderful apartment and all the other great things lexington had to offer. This lifestyle is different and kind of crazy, but we have adapted really well and the kids are enjoying this summers we celebrated my birthday last week by having dinner with the girls and a film crew at our house during the mornin g. Landen took me to a castle bed and bfast on Sunday- but that warrants its own post! We are heading to a new area and I am excited to explore!


Friday, August 5, 2011


IT'S BEEN SO LONG- but oh well. :) Here I am now making a post:

Spent the morning with the kids just hanging out at home. We made some books which are awesome. Walker's is Called "The Shark Attack." I am seriously considering sending it to a publisher.

It goes like this:

"I was surfing in the ocean. (turn page)

and then....


up came a


The shark chased me.

And I swam and swam and swam.
all the way back to shore.



up came the shark- Right in my face!

The shark jumped right out the water and bit me.

Bit my finger.

Then I rolled back into the ocean.

It was a great white shark.

That bit off my finger (that's what I meant).

So I built a sign with my dad.

With my own tools, I was a big person.

The sign said: Nobody can go surfing and not even swimming.

and: KEEP OUT!

I remember when I had that shark attack.

It Freaked the EX right out of my face.


We are headed out to see Cars 2. It looks like a cute show!

See ya tomorrow.


*(side note: I was writing this for him as he dictated. When he saw how I wrote "shark"- he said "whoa. Mom, that's way to many A's." and I told him "that's how you said it dear" and he said "oh- well I guess that's okay then, if that's how I said it- but I didn't say that many A's, did I? SHAAAAAAARK, SHAAAARK, SH-A-RR-K- is that a lot of A's?"- I thought that was funny)

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love ya.

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Vulnerabililty in Verse

check out my edukation blog @! 4 of my poems for you to see. Tell me what you think!


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